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Требуется перевод с английского на русский. 25.287 знаков (вкл. пробелы).
Тематика: см. тестовое задание. Срок выполнения: 1 неделя.
Тестовое задание и тарифы высылайте на info@russischtaalbureau.nl

Traditionally, cycling is mainly an European sport. France, the cradle of cycling and also the country with the first cycling road race in history, is at this particular moment still the organizer of one of the biggest sport events in the world; The Tour de France, the most recognizable bike race of them all. Besides that fact, in almost every European country the is an culture which embraces cycling. Cycling is a sport that connects people across borders. Our main purpose at our organisation International Cycling Promotion, is to spread this culture. Not only within Europe, but to implement it worldwide.

For several years, there is a shift taking place within the organization of cycling road races. Not only within Europe there will be more races, but more often you will see that the cycling peloton moves to other continents outside of Europe. Several countries in Asia, Australia and the continent of America shows interest in organizing cycling races. We can argue that the globalization of cycling is in full swing.
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