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Translator-editor in the DIY sector

Город Москва


Experienced translator editor (3-5 +) with experience in the DIY sector
Educated to degree level, preferably with a recognized qualification in translation or similar discipline
Excellent translation ability in applicable subject areas, being able to produce translations which are accurate, linguistically correct, consistent, complete and adapted to country standards
Review (editing and proofing, 'revision') of translations done by the preferred translation provide


Communicating as a representative of the client with approved translation provider on linguistic matters
You will be responsible for reviewing translations provided by the preferred translation provider for suitability for release to local market.
You will act as subject-matter expert and will communicate with other experts in the OpCo in order to validate all translations to be published.

Working conditions and compensation

Work in a large company with contract for 12 months (possible extension).
Salary from 45 000 to 70 000 rubles
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