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We're looking for a Paris-based mentor.

The mentee is a bright and enthusiastic 11 year old Russian boy who attends an exclusive school in Paris. He is well-mannered, inquisitive and mature for his age. His lessons at school are mostly in French but he speaks good English. He has outgrown the need for a nanny and is looking for someone to help with his organisational skills, provide emotional support and primarily, to inspire and motivate him. This is the opportunity to make a real difference in a young student’s life and to enjoy a wonderful experience in Paris. Accommodation will be provided close by, there is a very generous salary and fantastic opportunities to travel.

It would suit an English speaking candidate who is interested in science (there may be some tutoring in science required) as well as sports and travel. His parents are both extremely successful business people who spend approximately half their time away from home, hence the need for a mentor to spend time with him. The job description can be found here https://www.pass-eu.com/job-vacancy/ and more details will be given during the interview process.

We expect the position to last for at least for 12 months and during this time, full support will be given to the mentor from our Academic Director and Managing Director.

Candidates should apply with a CV and cover letter explaining why they would be suitable for the role at info@pass-eu.com
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