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Hello everyone
We are looking for a customer support specialist in forex field.


Familiarity with Forex/Crypto trading
English: Fluent.
Experience with CRM systems.
Ability to analyze and troubleshoot.
Organize tasks through Jira for a team of programmers.
Midday shifts 8 hours, 5 days a week, remote working, $500/month. Part-time also possible (2-3 days a week, same shift length).

About Us:

Fox Group - https://foxg.co is a technology company based in Prague, Czech Republic. We have been developing trading platforms, CRM's and wallets for the cryptocurrency and forex industries for over 5 years and serving our technology to over 30 businesses worldwide.

Please apply in English telling about your experience in forex/cryptocurrency field.
Thank you

E-mail для связи: kat.visn@mail.ru
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