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Ladies and Gentlemen,
we, Alliance Pro Translation Agency, are looking for English native editors to regularly proofread our Russian-English translations made by Russian translators (these are mostly marketing translations - whitepapers, press-releases and so on).
You are mostly welcome if you don't know Russian!
Yes, you understand correctly - knowing Russian is a drawback in this case, we ultimately need authentic and clear British and/or American English.
Copywriting/writing skills and online presence are warmly welcome.
All translations are made by professional Russian translators, which are ready to explain all ambiguities and unclarities in translation (if any).
If you are interested in this position, please, send me your CV to: hr@tran.su
Please, also write me your:
best rate;
preferred method of payment and payment terms;
minimal fee (if any);
working schedule and timezone;

As soon as we negotiate on rates and payment terms, we will send you a short (about 100-150 words) test to check your editing skills.

E-mail для связи: hr@tran.su
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