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Требуется устный переводчик в Москве для поездки на Запорожскую АЭС. Даты: 25-29 апреля. Язык английский.
I work for an international NGO called Help.NGO (www.help.ngo). We are a standby partner with the United Nations and they’ve asked for our help for a mission in Zaporizhzhya NPP on April 27th. We are sending 2 armored cars from Moscow with 2 of our drivers and we urgently need a Russian-English interpreter to accompany them for the whole mission between April 25th until April 29th, including travel time.

The mission will simply help with rotating the IAEA inspectors in Zaporizhzhya NPP. It is fully deconflicted by the United Nations with both Russia and Ukraine.

We will of course cover all expenses (accommodation / meals) on top of the daily salary.

We need to find someone within the next 12 hours.

Let me know if you can help with this and under what conditions.
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