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Japanese-English translator & post-editor

Dear all!

Due to the growing request, we are searching for translators and post-editors from Japanese into English and vice versa specializing in business and legal field to join our team of translators!

Preferred Qualifications:
- Native speaker of target language
- High school diploma in Linguistics or any other relevant degree
- 2 years or more of translation / post-editing experience
- CAT-tools experience is most welcome
- Ability to adopt new software (SmartCAT)
- Ability to accept & perform translation orders from 8 p.m. – to 10 a.m. (Moscow time)
- Willingness to perform a test task

Please enclose your CV and send us your application at job@abbyy-ls.com indicating in the title "Japanese < > English / business and legal field".
We shall be happy to discuss the pay rate and scope of work after completing a test task.

Thank you a lot in advance!
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