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Dear all!

Due to the growing request, we are searching for translators from Farsi into English and vice versa specializing in business and legal field to join our team of translators!

Preferred Qualifications:
- Native speaker of target language
- High school diploma in Linguistics or any other relevant degree
- 2 years or more of translation experience
- CAT-tools experience is most welcome
- Ability to adopt new software (SmartCAT)
- Ability to accept & perform translation orders from 8 p.m. – to 10 a.m. (Moscow time)
- Willingness to perform a test task

Please enclose your CV and send us your application at job@abbyy-ls.com indicating in the title "Farsi < > English / business and legal field".
We shall be happy to discuss the pay rate and scope of work after completing a test task.

Thank you a lot in advance!
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