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So, we have two sites about gambling. It is ratings of online casinos: Bewertung-casino.com (German) Rating-best-casino.com (English) Our worker translate texts for them from russian into german and english. He said, that every texts was chek with native Germans and native Englishman. We belive him, but would like to be sure, with someone's help. =) We are seeking native German with extensive expiriense in English Our main target - that germans and english can understand information on our sites. And last, but not least - google can undertand our texts. We will work with Seo experts to get positions TOP-10 in Google. Ok, what should be done: 1) You need to read our sites. Not all texts, but most of it. I think 1-2 hours for each site will be enough. 2) If you find some rude mistakes, you can send it to me in some document Word with link and place of mistake. Somthing like that: Link: http://bewertung-casino.com/ Mistake in: Um in eitel Lust und Freude zu leben Should be: .... 3) If everything ok, you just write to me: "Everything fine, your sites are understandable for german and english" That's all. 4) If you are undestand, that texts was translated bad... So, you don't need to write out a lot of mistakes, you just need to write to me some reason of bad translation. So, I hope you are undestand the main task and can help us with it. =) I would like to know: 1) How much time this work will take for you. 2) Your price for this work. https://goo.gl/qF28W5 my personal page

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