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We are looking for freelance assistant in Moscow. With the current covid travel restrictions we are unable to visit organizations ourselves.

Are you, or do you know someone that meets these requirements please write us on moscowrep@f1-outsourcing.eu.

1. Looks and acts very representative, because these contacts important to us, mostly wealthy or high positions in Russian government.

2. We can 'train' in basic English several hours what our business is about. (Via video conferencing)

3. We can instruct in basic English what to do, this mostly involves:
Prepare the scheduled visit with us via video conference.
Travel within the Moscow region.
Visit a company, research who is the right person to talk to.
Discuss the subject we have prepared with this person.
Then finally schedule a video conference between us and this person.

4. Affinity with internet security, privacy and geopolitical strategy would be welcome.

The work schedule is flexible. We do not expect that many hours of work per month. But what needs to be done, needs to be done professionally. This would be ideal work for a freelancer that can combine this work with other clients.

E-mail для связи: moscowrep@f1-outsourcing.eu
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